As experienced and formidable business consultants, the Marcos Timana Team serves all your interests. As your personal business accounting service accountants, they ensure that all your interests are protected. Accounting for your life means that both your business and personal finances can’t be completely separated — on paper, yes; in planning, no. Together, when properly managed, your resources bring both personal accomplishment and business success.


Successful business owners rely on the best Marcos Timana Team who can provide exceptional accounting for a small business that transcends the obvious. When you’ve reached the pinnacle of your niche industry as a small business owner, it’s time to ensure that your efforts don’t wane.



Unless you’re a self-employment accountant, keeping your books, managing your cash flow, making payroll, and preparing your taxes are additional duties that you don’t need on your plate.

As the best-rated accountant in Westchester County, Marcos Timana and his group provide highly personalized and comprehensive CPA services for the self-employed. His philosophy regarding the accountant/client relationship is based on trust and has earned him one of the most distinguished, worthy, and credible reputations in Westchester County and the 50 states of the nation.


Forensics or Forensic Accounting is a science dedicated to finding out the truth. Its role in accounting is to root out fraud, allegations of misappropriation, and illegal transactions within a company. A forensic accountant in Westchester County, Marcos Timana also may dig into your personal financial records to seek answers to questions posed in IRS audits, lawsuits, insurance claims, or divorce proceedings.


Thanks to your advice, I managed to pay my taxes apartment, and thus prevent bailiffs came to my house to make me the respective collection, with your help could overcome this ailed me.
José Luis
I want to express my gratitude to Mr. Marcos Timana, because I could already order my council tax, consulting with their respective tax have no problem and I can access the benefits that the government provides. Again thank you and God bless you.
María del Carmen​
Last week I had an unexpected visit, was the bailiff who came to perform the collection of my taxes because I was overdue at that time did not know what to do, until I remembered that my papers had your businesscard, I proceeded to call you and tell the situation that was happening to me. And thanks to you, the bailiff was unable to carry out the process yet. Thank you very much!
Mike Stuart

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