Accounting and Bookkeeping Services

A clean set of books is the foundation for managing a business, increasing revenue, reducing costs, controlling taxes and selling a business. When working with my firm, you can focus on your core business knowing that the accounting and bookkeeping work is being completed by an experienced CPA with advanced QuickBooks certification. Marcos TImana E.A. is a next generation accounting firm providing clients access to their financial information at anytime, from any computer. With our internet access feature, you have full access to your financial information.

Federal and State Income Tax Returns

I work closely with a number of income tax professionals who prepare federal and state income tax returns for my clients. I can either work with your current tax professional or assist in finding a tax professional that is a good fit for both your firm and your family. Without professionally prepared monthly financial statements, tax season is stressful. Financial statements prepared at the last minute often contain errors. Tax planning becomes nearly impossible because the tax year has ended. The tax reporting cycle becomes less stressful for you with professionally prepared financial statements. During the course of the year we will instruct you on the tax strategies to use and adjusting them as needed based on current financial statements.


As an Acceptance Agent I can facilitate the application process leading to the issuance of ITINs and EINs. This number is required for non resident aliens to file US tax returns. The process consists of a short interview to fill out the papers and make copies of your original passport and other relevant documents.

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