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I was born in Peru where I attended school and received my Bachelor Degree in Business Administration. During my studies I had a full time job working in accounting and later logistics.

My work experience also includes training and working as a General Manager of Industrial Consortium Andino (CIAN). This company was a wholesale seller of tools for agriculture, mining and construction.

At that time my beloved Peru was facing the problems of terrorism and runaway inflation. I was forced to leave my country to seek opportunities.

Like many immigrants, I began with little money and no knowledge of English. Little by little I began to overcome these difficulties, beginning to learn English, registering at Westchester Community College and earning an Associate Degree in business and accounting.

I continued in IONA College where I earned my Bachelors degree in Science and Accounting with an emphasis on tax regulation. My work experience after that includes several CPA firms and other private enterprises, always specializing in tax regulation.

In 1998, I founded Embajada Latina Inc. and my objective has always been to offer customers excellent service and personal attention. As a result of this attention to detail and service, we are the number one accounting firm in the community.

As an Enrolled Agent, I’m qualified to represent my customers nationwide with the IRS. Each year I receive a minimum 72 hours of continuing education as required by IRS regulation for EAS.


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