Tax season 2022 is on

Tax season is on. The IRS began accepting and processing federal income returns for the latest tax year on Jan 24. Between now and April 18, which is the filing deadline for most Americans, nearly all taxpayers will submit their taxes electronically.

When it comes to e-filing, also known as online filing, there seem to be as many options to get the job done as there are forms to fill out. Which online filing option is right for you may depend on your income, your budget, the complexity of your return — and perhaps your patience for filling out forms.

This year, IRS Free File is open to all U.S. taxpayers whose 2021 adjusted gross incomes were $73,000 or less. And it doesn’t matter if you’re reporting unemployment income or capital gains: If you meet the program’s income eligibility, then IRS Free File will find you an online service that’ll do your tax math, answer so-called “simple” questions and submit your returns — all for free.